The Wonders of the Equine Spa

Have you ever heard about the curative properties of the cold ocean water? Did you know that horses in the wild heal themselves by seeking out and standing in cold running water?

Edgewood’s Equine Spa is the equivalent of the ocean waters and has the same curative, prophylactic, and supportive properties. It is 35 degree salt water with Epsom salts that swirls around the legs of the horses, preventing injuries in performance horses, enhancing healing in soft tissue injuries — thereby substantially decreasing the time the horse is side-lined by an injury, curing superficial abrasions and cuts, resolving the fungal infections that cause swelling and pain, and overall acting like the tank of ice in which football players sit after the big game.

We discovered the spa at the Desert Horse Show early this year at Thermal (previously Indio), California and began using it to maintain our jumpers. We loved the results and so contacted other owners around the world who had had long-term experience with the spa and who raved about its restorative and curative properties. For example, a horse with a bowed tendon went back to work after 11 treatments, horses with suspensory ligament injuries visible on ultra-sound that were treated became sound with the evidence of injury disappearing on subsequent ultra-sounds, and the success stories go on and on. Our veterinarian, who was familiar with the spa from having worked in Europe where it is widely used, confirmed that it was everything it purported to be. So, we brought this incredible spa to Edgewood — and we are the only facility in California to have one!

We treat our horses to the Equine Spa daily, whether or not they have an injury. But we also welcome equine clients who come to Edgewood exclusively for our spa services. One young rider shared tears of happiness after her horse finally became sound and rideable as a result of his spa treatments at Edgewood.

We provide spa treatments by experienced operators at the rate of $50.00 per treatment, or a spa package of 6 treatments for $250.00. Horses can be trailered in daily or can make a reservation for one or more weeks when longer treatment is required — subject to availability.