The Edgewood story began about 10 years ago with a horse named Ringo, a pony named Doc, and two little girls.

With a passion for horses and years of riding lessons already behind them, the Hersh-Boyle girls were excited that it was finally time to find their own special mount. At 14 Rebecca was dreaming of that wonderful horse that would take her to a new level of competition, and 9 year old Sarah-Maeve wanted to learn hunters and equitation. With their father, Joe Boyle, being from Ireland starting their search there seemed only natural. They set off on a family trip along with their beloved trainer, Bitsy Shields. As they traveled the fields of Ireland, Bitsy spotted a special horse working on the flat. She knew instantly that this gorgeous 17+ hand Irish Sport Horse was the one they were searching for and the Hersh-Boyle family welcomed Ringo into their lives. Ringo became a champion hunter taking Rebecca, and Sarah-Maeve after her, to Indoors multiple times. About that same time Bitsy asked Sarah-Maeve to ride Doc, a medium hunter pony in some of her lessons. Despite her tiny size Sarah-Maeve fell in love with Doc and rode him well. It was just about December when Doc’s owners announced they were going to move out of state and would not be able to bring Doc along. It was a merry Christmas for Sarah-Maeve as they added Doc to their family. This sweet girl and her pony went on to win time and again in the equitation and hunter rings and they had a long and loving relationship.

These horses and the Hersh-Boyle’s love for everything equestrian led them to move to this spectacular property in west Marin and open it up to other riders and horses. At the new Edgewood Equestrian ranch Ringo, now 17, is teaching a new rider how to jump and Doc, 28, is happily retired.

As a premier Hunter/Jumper show barn Edgewood specializes in high-end training of horse and rider for the hunter, jumper, and equitation show circuit. We look for clients whose goals are compatible with our own and we provide them a safe and professional environment in which to grow and experience the very best the sport has to offer. Edgewood offers world-class trainers, the sale of exceptional horses, breathtaking trails, and a truly magical experience.